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In 2016, CareParrot Inc. began developing healthcare solutions in a small room in Rock Hill, South Carolina. We had four developers and a handful of coffee, two folding tables, and a pre-owned fridge. We also had drive, commitment, energy, and a vision.

Two years later, we’ve grown to become a comprehensive digital health solutions team with a diverse group from 3 different countries. We do more than build websites—we create environments where peer-to-peer healthcare can grow, thrive, and innovate. What we lack in size, we more than make up for it with our ability to hear the consumer’s need, envision it, and execute our solution.

To do that, we created customized solutions to allow patients and doctors from different parts of the world to engage on a peer-to-peer level. Our team of in-house experts as well as a broad network of advisors are determined to reach our ultimate goal – a universal healthcare solution that leaves no stones unturned. With every milestone we strive to reach—and realize—comes a new opporunity to make things a little better for the entire health care industry.

While we’ve grown, a few fundamentals have remained constant. We’re still a group that runs the business in a way that decision-making are distributed throughout a holarchy of self organizing teams rather than being vested in a management hierarchy. We’re still driven to bring disruptive solutions and expertise to every challenge. We also love what we do—and it shows, in both the quality of our work and in the enduring relationships that have fueled our growth.

If you wish to be part of our team and create your next big innovative technology – Let’s talk.

Our official Telegram channel is live and ready to answer all your questions 24/7. Feel free to invite all your friends and jump right in. We reward members with CPX for getting people on our channel through our Telegram Bounty Program. 

A Parrot and a Mountain Bluebird walked into a bar… Okay. We’re not gonna do that joke. Sorry we’re dorks. But seriously, follow us either way to hear the latest from our Team, and get a follow back from our CareParrot Community! 

Get an inside look at how our campaign is developing – from Pre-MVP phase until we successfully launch the CareParrot Core Miner by liking our Facebook page. We promise not to ruin your day with a throwback photo of our developers and their bad 90’s haircut.

Our goal is to get the CareParrot Community the latest news and updates, not just about our progress, but more importantly – stories that matters and are relevant to the blockchain and healthcare community.

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We’re always looking to improve the way we deliver solutions to the community. The feedback we get is crucial and it drives us to get up and go back to the drawing board and improve our execution. 

Check our codes on GitHub

CareParrot believes in the power of transparency and keeping the community updated with our developments, so we made our codes open to the public for inspection, suggestions, contribution and feedback. Think of it as our developer’s open journal. 

During our Pre-MVP sale and further into the campaign, we will post quick 30-second tutorials and informational videos of our freemium services that are currently in beta every other week.